Access any public ssh server via a web-based ssh gateway, even behind firewalls which do not allow outbound ssh connections.

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Functioning of webssh & Data privacy

webssh is based on the open source tool shellinabox ( in combination with a custom script to offer this ssh gateway service.

webssh acts as a proxy server between your web client and the ssh server you are connecting to - this means that connections are not made directly from your client to the target host. webssh is offering a web interface to communicate with the local shell of my server. All traffic to this server is encrypted via SSL (for your safety make sure the certificate is valid and issued by Let's Encrypt). The SSH connection to the target host itself is established by my server (located in Europe/Germany with the public IP Be aware that your data is theoretically available in unencrypted form on my server, even if it is neither logged nor stored.

webssh is designed for anonymous usage. No IP addresses or request parameters are logged, the known host keys are not stored, and none of the transmitted data is cached or recorded. In the end, I do not know who you are, which hosts you are connecting to or what you are typing into the shell.

Want to know more? - Read my blog entry about how to setup your own web-based ssh gateway service: SSH Web Gateway mit dem OpenSource Tool shellinabox (German).

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